Study In USA

How to Study in the USA from India?

Most Indian students nurture the dream of pursuing their higher education from the USA. The country is home to 33 out of the top 100 globally recognized universities in the world. Abundant work opportunities and scope of pedagogic research in technical education often lure several Indian students to the USA. Study in the USA from India to get one of the best education environments and a robust job market that is flooded with top global conglomerates. Gear up for the next US intake from India. Education in the USA can be made affordable with scholarships, fellowships and fee waivers. It is the focal point for science and technology, attracting students from India who want to excel in technical research. 

Why Study in USA as an Indian Student?

The USA is home to over 5000 universities, and most are ranked the best in the Global University Rankings. A few universities would include Yale University, Harvard University, Cornell University, Columbia University etc.

A degree from the USA will land you in a better place. If you are looking for a degree next, you will find how valuable it is. On the other hand, if you are looking for a job, you will find it easier to land a better-paid job in the USA or any other country.

A degree from the USA helps you get a better job. You also have the option to do internships to have an experience certificate that will be valued both in the USA and abroad.

The USA provides a more flexible opportunity for education. If you are doing your Bachelor’s, you need to decide on the subject for your Master’s only in your second year. There is no pressure to choose it in the first year itself.

You will see many of the best universities in the USA, and there will be students from all cultures. This will help you understand more about the life outside and provides you with the best campus life.

You can work 20 hours during your semester on a part-time basis, and during the semester breaks, you can work for 40 hours. This will help you earn some money and help you with your finances.

The conduction of career workshops and counselling sessions will help you get a better chance of employability.The language workshops, orientation programs etc., will make it easier for the students.

What is the Best Course to Study in USA?

Computer Science

 There has been an increased demand for software analysts, software engineers etc. The companies like Apple, Microsoft, Google, Facebook etc.

Analytics & Data Science

Data Science, Business Analytics, and Information Systems are a few courses in the USA that are in demand. 

Mechanical Engineering

It is also one of the oldest engineering streams ever and covers courses like mechatronics, automobile, aerospace. etc.

Social Sciences

If you wish to pursue your higher education in this stream in the USA, Psychology, sociology, economics, would be better choices.


A Medical Degree, especially an MS, is in high demand in the USA, especially since doctors are always in demand anywhere. 



When it comes to Finance, MS in Finance is the oft-chosen course in the USA. Students for careers in corporate finance, investment banking & investment management careers.



It is a comparatively lesser-known fact that biotechnology, bioinformatics, and biomedical area are a few fields that offer numerous career opportunities.  The research facilities USA a better.

Business Management

It is always a good option to pursue your Master’s in Business Management in the USA. Students pursuing an MBA avail an Optional Practical Training.

What are the top 10 Universities in USA?

Massachusetts Institute

It also holds subject-specific rankings, like in Mathematics, Cell Biology, Biology and Biochemistry, Physics etc

Harvard University

The best-ranked subjects include Biochemistry, Oncology, Pharmacology & Toxicology, Cell Biology etc

Stanford University

It also holds subject rankings in Chemistry, Material Science, Mathematics, Computer Science, Environment/Ecology 

University California, Berkeley

It also holds rankings in Chemistry, Economics and Business, Space Science, Physics etc.

Columbia University

It’s subject Psychology, Neuroscience & Behavior, Cardiac & Cardiovascular, Economics & Business etc.

University of Washington

Tops in subjects like Clinical Medicine, Immunology, Geosciences, Social Sciences & Public Health, Microbiology.

California Institute

Both undergraduate and postgraduate Geosciences, Earth Science, Optics, Physics are the most-ranked subjects.

Johns Hopkins University

 Surgery, Immunology, Clinical Medicine, Infectious Diseases etc., are the most ranked courses there.

Yale University

Arts and Humanities, Endocrinology & Metabolism, Psychology, Optics, Oncology  best-ranked subjects.

University of Pennsylvania

Cardiac and Cardiovascular Systems, Cell Biology, Clinical Medicine, Economics & Business, are a few course.

Study Destinations

Study in Canada

This is as true for Indian students as it is for those based here in Canada, experience is different.

Study in Australia

Multicultural environment and post study work opportunities available for international students

Study in UK

A student will never lack jobs after a UK degree as the employers around the world prioritize the British education system.

Study in Ireland

If you decide to study in Ireland, you become part of one of the fastest growing economies in the world.

Study in Germany

Germany is better known for its cutting-edge technology and high educational standards.

Study in Dubai

The country, with its lower crime rates and tax-free salaries, has always been the most attractive.

Study in New Zealand

If you have taken this decision and looking for New Zealand study visa from India, processes for New Zealand student visa.

Study in Italy

Study in the Italy from India to get one of the best education environments and a robust job market that is flooded.

Study in Singapore

Best student city ranking has ranked Singapore in the third place because of its internationalized education system.

Study in Greece

Greece is the most affordable European country and offers an excellent education, a study in Greece for Indian Student.