Study In New Zealand

How to Study in the New Zealand from India?

The land of New Zealand has more than 8 universities that fall un the top 500 universities of the world. Going to State of New Zealand for further studies is a rather smart move. If you have taken this decision and looking for New Zealand study visa from India, then contact us, our experts at Signature Visa can guide you through the step –by-step swift processes for New Zealand student visa. High Safety and a Peaceful Region, Option of Part Time Work.

Why Study in New Zealand as an Indian Student?

The PHD students in New Zealand get a lot of exposure in terms of research opportunities and with that, they get perks of working full time as well during your studies. The fee stature is similar to that of the locals thus making their course easy.

The students can avail the facility of working part time that can ease the load of their financial dependence and they can support the fees. Their own financial needs can be eased with the part time work.

Global peace index ranks New Zealand as second in the peace index as per the latest statistics of year 2021. The safety and vigilance stays tight all over the country and insurance of theft is also covered for international students.

Finances can be a concern for students looking to study abroad in New Zealand, especially since it is not necessarily known as a “budget” destination. Fortunately though, the Pacific region offers several scholarship opportunities to international students! In New Zealand specifically, several host universities offer their own scholarship to exchange students. Your best bet is to look directly on the foreign university website to learn of any New Zealand study abroad scholarships on offer. Be sure to also browse all the study abroad scholarships available for travel around the world.

New Zealand offers a wonderful multi-cultural environment that exists in perfect harmony with the country’s outdoorsy lifestyle. Replete with all kinds of natural landscapes ranging from snowcapped mountains and steaming volcanoes to rolling green hills, golden sandy beaches and lush rainforests, New Zealand screams wanderlust. Living here provides every student a chance to grow with its diverse culture and natural beauty all at once.

What is the Best Course to Study in New Zealand?


Business is the most popular and opted course in New Zealand. The business has become the most crucial and needed industry in the current world. The business course, more specifically an MBA focuses on teaching the students to think critically, analyze, identify problems.


Engineering always has remained to be the topmost choice for a humongous section of the youth. It has evolved over the past years and has resulted in the birth of diverse fields of engineering like computer engineering, software engineering, mechatronics engineering, genetic engineering, etc. 

Hospitality Management

Hospitality Management is also a rapidly growing industry. The Hospitality Management program in New Zealand enables students to develop workplace skills, gain hands-on industry experience and knowledge, which prepares the students to confidently step in the real world. 

Information Technology

New Zealand that offer Information Technology provide students with highly qualified faculty, valuable facilities, useful equipment, and much more that leads to students’ fulfilled learning experience. Students here learn and develop many efficient and essential skills like analytical thinking.

What are the top Universities in New Zealand?

New Zealand Tertiary College

New Zealand Tertiary College has been providing comprehensive and professional programs to enable students to excel. 

University of Otago

They provide a broad spectrum of Undergraduate courses. The university is equally famous  PhD programs in streams like Finance, Economics, Business.

St Matthew's Collegiate School

 St. Matthew’s Public School is one of the most prestigious schools in India. Institution is run by the St. Matthew’s Educational Society.

Auckland International Collage

The University of Auckland is unanimously considered one of the best universities. Engineering and MBA are the most famous courses there. 

Massey University

With three campuses in Auckland, Palmerston North, and Wellington, this is known for its research-driven teaching and training. 

Study Destinations

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Most Indian students nurture the dream of pursuing their higher education from the USA.

Study in Canada

This is as true for Indian students as it is for those based here in Canada, experience is different.

Study in Australia

Multicultural environment and post study work opportunities available for international students

Study in UK

A student will never lack jobs after a UK degree as the employers around the world prioritize the British education system.

Study in Ireland

If you decide to study in Ireland, you become part of one of the fastest growing economies in the world.

Study in Germany

Germany is better known for its cutting-edge technology and high educational standards.

Study in Dubai

The country, with its lower crime rates and tax-free salaries, has always been the most attractive.

Study in Italy

Study in the Italy from India to get one of the best education environments and a robust job market that is flooded.

Study in Singapore

Best student city ranking has ranked Singapore in the third place because of its internationalized education system.