Study In Italy

How to Study in the Italy from India?

Most Indian students nurture the dream of pursuing their higher education from the Italy. The country is home to 33 out of the top 100 globally recognized universities in the world. Abundant work opportunities and scope of pedagogic research in technical education often lure several Indian students to Italy. Study in the Italy from India to get one of the best education environments and a robust job market that is flooded with top global conglomerates. Education in the Italy can be made affordable with scholarships, fellowships and fee waivers. It is the focal point for science and technology, attracting students from India who want to excel in technical research. 

Why Study in Italy as an Indian Student?

The tuition fee differs from one institution to another in Italy, but it is generally lower compared to institutions across Europe or North America. International students have a chance to gain quality higher education at an affordable price. Students can apply for financial help and which may be sanctioned by the university based on the students’ financial situation and academic merit. 

The national language of Italy is Italian. Learning to speak Italian is important because some of the courses are taught in Italian. There are many universities which conduct their classes, programs and courses in English as well. By interacting with the locals in Italy students can improve their Italian language skills which will also help when they search for jobs.

There are some universities that provide internships for Bachelor’s degree and Postgraduate students. These internships may not be with compensation, but it will help in career development and providing valuable professional experience. For students doing master’s and PhD, research and teaching assistant jobs are available which are highly competitive and are very rewarding on both the monetary and academic front. 

Students from different countries go to Italy to pursue higher education. Indian students can therefore meet a lot of new people and make new friends. This widens their horizons and helps them build an international network of friends. Students can also participate in sports, co-curricular activities and extracurricular activities. 

You can work 20 hours during your semester on a part-time basis, and during the semester breaks, you can work for 40 hours. This will help you earn some money and help you with your finances.

What is the Best Course to Study in Italy?

Design Courses

Studying Fashion or Interior Designing in Italy can be a dream for most aspirants. Home to the brands like Gucci, Ferragamo, and Prada, Italy provides a rich heritage to study from in and out of the classrooms. Italy include Masters, Interior, Car and Fashion.


Architecture and Arts

Architecture could not be fitted simply in design courses as the category is too vast and versatile when it comes to studies in Italy. Italy is endless but mainly the fact that you gain a ‘Blue diploma’ at the end of the architectural degree. 

Business & Management

Business administration is a vastly opted course in Italy that lets students acquire knowledge in domains of business management, theories, and policies. This course covers topics such as international business, marketing, finance, and accounting.

Hospitality & Tourism

Italy attracts and facilitates tourism on a level that no other country can match. The beautiful cities filled with culture and sights to explore provide ample opportunities for the field of tourism and hospitality. BBA in Sustainable Hospitality Management 

What are the top Universities in Italy?

Massachusetts Institute

It also holds subject-specific rankings, like in Mathematics, Cell Biology, Biology and Biochemistry, Physics etc

Harvard University

The best-ranked subjects include Biochemistry, Oncology, Pharmacology & Toxicology, Cell Biology etc

Stanford University

It also holds subject rankings in Chemistry, Material Science, Mathematics, Computer Science, Environment/Ecology 

University California, Berkeley

It also holds rankings in Chemistry, Economics and Business, Space Science, Physics etc.

Columbia University

It’s subject Psychology, Neuroscience & Behavior, Cardiac & Cardiovascular, Economics & Business etc.

University of Washington

Tops in subjects like Clinical Medicine, Immunology, Geosciences, Social Sciences & Public Health, Microbiology.

California Institute

Both undergraduate and postgraduate Geosciences, Earth Science, Optics, Physics are the most-ranked subjects.

Johns Hopkins University

 Surgery, Immunology, Clinical Medicine, Infectious Diseases etc., are the most ranked courses there.

Yale University

Arts and Humanities, Endocrinology & Metabolism, Psychology, Optics, Oncology  best-ranked subjects.

University of Pennsylvania

Cardiac and Cardiovascular Systems, Cell Biology, Clinical Medicine, Economics & Business, are a few course.

Study Destinations

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Study In Canada

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Study In Australia

Multicultural environment and post study work opportunities available for international students

Study In UK

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Study In Ireland

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Study In Germany

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