How to Study in the Greece from India?

Greece attracts a numerous international student across the world. Greece is the most affordable European country and offers an excellent education hence, a study in Greece for Indian students is a most preferred choice. The tuition fee varies in different cities and universities. If students choose public universities to pursue their higher education, the cost is comparatively less than private universities. Students get advantage to visiting world heritage sites and clean beautiful beaches of Greece. On weekends, students can explore the thriving nightlife and delicious food. Greece attracts students across the world hence, students get the opportunity to explore the diverse culture. Greece is recognized for its hospitality; Greeks are heartily welcoming people from all over the world.

Why Study in Greece as an Indian Student?

Contemporary meets antique in a country both drenched in world history and brimming with modernity.

You have the opportunity to visit the sites where the Western civilization was born and you can walk in the footsteps of ancient Greek philosophers and mathematicians. 

Greece has an academic heritage like few other countries in the world, having been home to the lives of Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Hippocrates and Pythagoras along with the high quality education offered by the Greek institutions across a broad spectrum of subjects are two reasons that can attract foreigners to study in Greece.

Those wanting to start their own business, or find a great job in an international company in sectors related strongly to the country’s identity like shipping and tourism, or other fields that have emerged within the environment of the technological revolution like I T and computer science, would benefit from a longer stay.

 Research center, with ongoing work in theoretical fields such as archaeology and classics as well as in scientific fields such as medicine, biology and physics, and technology disciplines like I T and computer engineering, between others.

What is the Best Course to Study in Greece?

Contemporary Studies

Your studies don’t have to be limited to the physical world, either – by mediating traditional and digital media in Greece, you can explore the political role and use of social media in contemporary issues. 

Archaeology & Ancient History

Ancient Macedonian capital, meet the Minoans, the Mycenaeans, and the Athenians and understand their tremendous contributions to today’s society, and touch the very same walls that the ancient Greeks.

Philosophy & Religion

Studying philosophy in Greece is a no brainer! Greece is a fascinating place to study religion as well, being a predominantly Orthodox country with historical influences from Judaism, Islam, and Christianity.

Languages & Literature

Try your hand at learning Modern Greek – order a coffee at a Greek taverna and chat with new local friends. Discover how it all started by studying Ancient Greek and Latin, then visit the ancient. 

Art History & Architecture

You will be awed in Greece when you witness countless structures and pieces that have influenced art and architecture through the ages – and continue to this day. Whether you’re strolling to the Acropolis Museum.

The top Universities in Greece

National Technical University of Athens

 Its nine academic schools (faculties) cover a range of engineering disciplines, as well as architecture and applied mathematics and physics. Diploma is Equivalent.

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Established in 1925, the institution is named for the famed philosopher Aristotle, who was born close to the city, and is variously referred to as Aristotle University,

University of Western Macedonia

One of the important factors when considering a master’s degree is the cost of study. Luckily, there are many options available to help students fund their master’s programmer.

Deree-The American College of Greece

Deree College awards Bachelor of Science degrees in accounting and finance, business studies, computer information systems & Marketing

Agricultural University of Athens

The university offers a wide range of courses that give a number of opportunities to students when it comes to subjects of their choice. This is Course MBA, MIM.

University of Crete majors

study here through the Schools of Philosophy, Education, Social Sciences, Sciences & Technology, and Medicine, taught by an outward looking academic staff committed to quality in teaching, research, and community partnerships.

University of the Aegean

1st cycle of studies: Undergraduate studies – a Bachelor’s or a Degree of five-year studies;2nd cycle of studies: Postgraduate Studies, a MA, a MSc or a MBA; and a3rd cycle of studies: Ph.D. Studies, a Ph.D.

Technical University of Crete

Computer Aided Manufacturing, Intelligent Technological Systems, Computer Aided Design, Robotics, Environmental Engineering and Management. Focused on Technology and manage said technology.

Study Destinations

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Study in Greece

Greece is the most affordable European country and offers an excellent education, a study in Greece for Indian Student.