Study In Germany

How to Study in the Germany from India?

Germany has recently witnessed a surge in international students, especially Indians. Germany is better known for its cutting-edge technology and high educational standards. You will find several choices to study which can boost your academic and research skills. The biggest attraction is that you can study with zero to low tuition fees. Indians constitute the second-largest population of international students in Germany. You can learn more about studying in Germany, scholarship opportunities, admission procedures, fee details etc., if you read further.

Why Study in Germany as an Indian Student?

The most significant advantage of studying in Germany. The courses are all taught in English so that language will not become a barrier.

You have several courses to choose from for all areas of study. The country not only has some top-ranked universities but also offers courses in all streams and disciplines.

 The cost of studying in Germany is much less compared to countries like the USA or the UK. You will find this difference in both the cost of living and the cost of studying.

You will find financial assistance in several ways when studying in Germany. There are scholarships and fellowships funded by the government, private organisations and universities which can help you financially.

You have the option to work part-time and earn money while you study. You have the opportunity to work for 20 hours per week during your semester. This will not only help you make extra money but also helps you to gain experience.

If you study in Germany, you can learn German if interested. Also, you can learn about the German culture, which is rich, old and diverse.

Germany has several universities that come on the list of the top ones in the world. A certificate from a German university has a dignified status and will help you both in your higher studies and the job.

What is the Best Course to Study in Germany


There are several top-ranked universities, including Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Technical University of Munich etc. 

Math's and Computer Sciences

This is yet another popular course in Germany. Germany has a solid technological base, high-tech labs, and other similar facilities. 


Doctors, especially dentists, are some of the well-paid professionals as well. The number of international students taking Medicine is increasing.


Business Management

Though Engineering is more prominent in Germany among international students, course Business Management degrees.


 The fact that lawyers are some of the well-paid professionals in Germany adds to the value of the course. Law is the toughest courses in Germany


Together with Engineering, Architecture also enjoys a good reputation in Germany among international students. The popularity of the course.


 Several studies have started taking up the course, which offers several branches. The job is challenging and in huge demand as well.


Natural Sciences

Physics, Chemistry and Biology enjoy popularity in Germany among international students, Because Germany gives importance research.

What are the top Universities in Germany

Technical University of Munich

The student population constitutes international students, and the university offers programs in various disciplines.

Free University of Berlin

The university has over 33,000 students, including 13% international students in Bachelor’s programs and 27% in Master’s programs.

Humboldt University of Berlin

The university has a good international population amongst students and teaching faculty. Students are job market. 

RWTH Aachen University

RWTH is better known for its teaching and research. More than 11,000 among the student population are international students.

Berlin Institute of Technology

There are programs offered in Humanities, Electrical Engineering, Economics and Management etc. Is better known for its excellence.

Eberhard Karls of Tubingen

The university is over 500 years old and has a good reputation in research and teaching. Degrees are offered in several areas of study.

Albert Ludwig of Freiburg

Founded in 1457, the university offers an equal environment for everyone to study. You will find courses in Theology, Law, Biology etc.

Karlsruhe Institute

The university offers space for interdisciplinary research and provides degree programs in areas like Architecture, Civil Engineering, Mathematics etc.

Ludwig Maximilian of Munich

They offer several courses, including those that are rare, like Catholic Theology, Protestant Theology etc. 400 partner universities worldwide.

University of Bonn

Catholic, Protestant Theology, Law & Economics, Mathematics & Natural Sciences, Arts, Medicine, and Agriculture.

Study Destinations

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