Study In Dubai

How to Study in the Dubai from India?

Dubai has always been one of the dream destinations for Indian students. The country, with its lower crime rates and tax-free salaries, has always been the most attractive. 

Why Study in Dubai as an Indian Student?

 Dubai has risen to a top study destination partly owing to the abundant career opportunities in the country. The country provides tax-free salaries, which is an added merit.

Dubai offers scholarships of several kinds to students, both domestic and international. Because the number of Indian students is more, several scholarships are also exclusively for Indian students.

  The Dubai government does not follow a stringent visa policy, thus attracting several international students. Starting in 2016, the government allowed students to work part-time for designated companies. You can get a five-year visa, and the visa of your dependents can even be extended. This even gives you time to complete your studies and build a career. What is more, exceptionally talented students can even get a ten-year residency. 

 Sever higher education institutions in Dubai, from public to private ones, are accredited by UAE’s Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MOHESR) and another accrediting agency outside the country.

Dubai is the land of innovations. From 3D printers to special zones for healthcare, the country offers innovation on multiple levels. Also, several MNCs have their headquarters in Dubai.

Dubai has risen to a top study destination partly owing to the abundant career opportunities in the country. The country provides tax-free salaries, which is an added merit. 

Dubai offers a scope of research in various areas like sustainability, innovative construction, oil sector, infectious diseases etc. 



What is the Best Course to Study in Dubai

Hospitality Management

 This is regarded as one of the top courses in Dubai. It is one of the most exciting cities, which explains the rising demand for the field. 

Business Management

Business Management has huge popularity, not only in Dubai but in other countries as well. Several universities offer Master’s courses in the discipline. 

Aerospace Engineering

The aerospace industry is growing rapidly in the Middle East. The expansion of the aviation and aerospace industries. 


Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering and Construction Management courses have recently started gaining popularity. The career scope is also rising for them. 


Degree in Architecture from Dubai will help you work anywhere. You will find several career options like spec writer, landscape architect, design architect etc.

What are the top Universities in Dubai

Zayed University

The course offerings are imparted through highly appreciated College of Arts and Creative Enterprises, College of Business. 

Al Ghurair University

 Architecture and Design, Business, Education and Social Sciences, Engineering, Law, it offers all major degree programs including. 

University of Wollongong

It has forged both corporate associations with Emirates, PepsiCo, Deloitte and IBM as well as academic partnerships with Binus University.

British University in Dubai

RWTH is better known for its teaching and research. More than 11,000 among the student population are international students.

Middlesex University Dubai

Student of the Dubai campus can benefit from the opportunities afforded by a rapidly devolving modern city in the heart of the middle East. 

DE Montfort University

At, DEM we welcome students from all backgrounds and are proud to offer the perfect combination of highly quality .

Bayes Business University

The executive MBA in Dubai is designed to meet the needs of business executive MBA offering  is the best.  

Candina University in Dubai

CU in Dubai is a high-ranking institution offering talented students a dedicated gateway to the elite higher education.

Emirates Aviation Institue

Offering the perfect platform for a profession in the administration and technical accepts in aviation.

Study Destinations

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Study In New Zealand

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