How to Study in the Canada from India?

Of course, every student’s experience is different. This is as true for Indian students as it is for those based here in Canada. That said, there are a number of indicators that provide insight into the popularity of Canada among this growing demographic. First and foremost, it should not be forgotten that the primary reason why there are so many Indian students in Canada in recent years is because of the quality of the education on offer. Canadian colleges and universities turn out incredibly talented graduates. As an Indian student in Canada, you can earn as you learn. This expedited study permit option is also open to students who are legally resident in Senegal, Morocco, China, Vietnam, Pakistan, and the Philippines. 

Why Study in Canada as an Indian Student?

Canada provides a budget-friendly living to international students, which makes it a better choice than other countries. The living cost would depend on the area, but it is far better even then.

Canada has a set of world-class universities revered worldwide. A degree earned in Canada has a huge reverence. It is also worth noting that 4 Canadian cities have been included in the Top 100 Best Student Cities In The World by the World University Rankings. 

An international student studying in Canada can work up to20 hours a week part-time. They can also work full time during their summer and winter breaks. This helps you earn some extra bucks and spend for your needs. So, enjoy the freedom it gives you.

Canada is a place where you see a mix of bustling city life and a serene landscape. From Niagara Falls to the Royal Ontario Museum, the country waits for you to explore. All these assure you better living standards and job opportunities.

This is good news for all the research scholars in Canada. Canada provides great importance to research and development, and the Canadian government has also put more stress on it. This is what makes Canada a better option for those who are interested in science and research.

 The Canadian government has recently come up with some immigration benefits for international students. They will qualify for an additional work permit. You can either return to your country with an international experience certificate or settle down in Canada permanently.

Canada has been ranked in the Global Peace Index as the tenth most peaceful country globally as of 2021. Also, don’t worry; you will be entitled to the same benefits as a Canadian. 

You will find yourself in a welcoming country with unique cultures to explore, from the soothing small towns to the happening cities.

Canada is one place where you will have an experience like never before. From the white winter to the red autumn, Canada offers something new every season. So go and see for yourself how good it is.

What is the Best Course to Study in Canada

Business Management

MBA graduates with specialization in Big Data or Analytics are in high demand in Canada and Australia.


Computer Science & IT

IT project managers and software engineers have turned out to be listed in the In-Demand occupations in Canada. 


Quite a lot of engineering streams like Civil, Electrical-Electronics, Mechanical, Chemical etc.


Medicine & Healthcare

The importance of medicine, biotechnology, pharmacy etc. PhD in the field has in a good position.


Media & Journalism

This partially owes to the increase in new career opportunities like digital and interactive design, digital marketing etc. 


Human Resources

This is where counselling psychologists, industrial psychologists, HR professionals, and career advisers come to the limelight. 

Mathematics & Analytics

They are in high demand in financial services, retail, travel, healthcare, FMCG mathematics & analytical professionals are currently demand.

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Agricultural Science

Food security & climate change into consideration, the job prospects of agricultural scientists, forestry consultants, agronomists, agricultural.

What are the top Universities in Canada

University of Toronto

It has been globally in Nursing, Sports, Anatomy & Physiology, Geography, Computer Science & Education. 

University of British Columbia

UBC is considered one of the best and oldest universities. It also has one of Canada’s largest libraries. 

McGill University

It is interesting to note that almost 30% of the total students at McGill University are international students.

McMaster University

McMaster University is best known for disciplines like business, social, health &natural sciences engineering.

University of Montreal

The University of high-ranking subjects like computer science courses and medical-doctoral programs.

University of Alberta

The University of reputation in humanities, sciences, health sciences, business, humanities, and creative arts. 

University of Ottawa

Located in the heart of the country’s capital, the University of Ottawa is the largest bilingual university globally. 

Memorial Newfoundland

The Memorial is ranked as one of Canada’s top 20 research universities. This is what makes Canada a better option.

York University

At York, we will provide you with the opportunities and supports to create your big ideas.

University of Calgary

The University of Calgary is situated in the safest of cities in Canada. The University of scholarships & award.

Study Destinations

Study In Australia

Multicultural environment and post study work opportunities available for international students

Study In Uk

A student will never lack jobs after a UK degree as the employers around the world prioritize the British education system.


If you decide to study in Ireland, you become part of one of the fastest growing economies in the world.

Study In USA

Most Indian students nurture the dream of pursuing their higher education from the USA.

Study In Germany

Germany is better known for its cutting-edge technology and high educational standards.

Study In Dubai

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Study In New Zealand

If you have taken this decision and looking for New Zealand study visa from India, processes for New Zealand student visa.

Study In Italy

Study in the Italy from India to get one of the best education environments and a robust job market that is flooded.

Study In Singapore

Best student city ranking has ranked Singapore in the third place because of its internationalized education system.