Scholarship to Study Abroad for Indian Students

Scholarships are considered a means of financial aid awarded based on academic performance, extra-curricular activities, financial need, or some other unique attributes. With hundreds of thousands of dollars up for grabs each year, there’s certainly a lot on offer regarding scholarships for Indian students.
Though the prospect of an overseas education inspires joy, optimism, and enthusiasm, the hefty course fee and the lengthy admissions process may stand in the way of your study abroad goals. If you are an Indian student planning for study abroad options, you will be pleased to find that many states, associations, and colleges provide study abroad scholarships to Indian students.
Obtaining a scholarship as a graduate is a significant achievement and receiving one from a foreign country is much more so. Several countries worldwide offer Indian students scholarships based on a range of factors. The vast majority of scholarships are for master’s and doctoral degrees, with a few exceptions for undergraduate study.

Types of Scholarships for Indian Students

This type of scholarship is awarded based on an applicant’s academic qualifying exam scores. This study abroad scholarship is awarded to intellectually gifted international students.They don’t take a student’s financial status into account. Many individuals believe that merit-based scholarships are only based on academic performance.

University scholarships are given to students to assist them in affording their overseas education. Unlike admission scholarships, these grants do not require submission. If you are already enrolled in a college or university, you are automatically eligible for these scholarships. This scholarship for Indian students studying abroad is advantageous because it covers a portion of the tuition fees.

Some colleges and institutions award grants to students planning to follow a specific subject of study. This is typically given to encourage students from developing nations to continue their education. Private entities also give out these awards.

Students who can classify themselves based on gender, colour, religion, family, and medical history are eligible for a student-specific award for Indian students to study abroad.

The Indian government and state governments offer a variety of scholarships for studying abroad. Other nations’ governments may give scholarships to overseas students who wish to study abroad.

 It varies from one country to the next. Students from a given country can receive financial aid from several federal organisations, states, and universities.

These are international scholarships granted by private people or organizations to Indian students. Community organizations and businesses also provide these services. Organizations and businesses also provide these services. Donors establish private funds to give scholarships for international study. The rewards are given out based on academic demands and the financial circumstances of the contributors. Most of these scholarships have stringent criteria. Some of these include coming from an impoverished nation or being a woman/minority/studying in a specific field. These are some of the most critical study abroad scholarships for Indian students.

These study abroad scholarships aim to assist students in attending graduate school. The scholarship sponsor will consider a variety of financial considerations, including the student’s income and citizenship status. Indian students studying abroad may be qualified for both need and merit-based scholarships.

List of Scholarships to Study Abroad for Indian Students

National Overseas Scholarship
Fulbright-Nehru Master’s Fellowships
Fulbright-Kalam Climate Fellowship
Fulbright-Nehru Doctoral Research Fellowship
The Inlaks Shivdasani Scholarships
GREAT Scholarships India
Commonwealth Scholarships
Erasmus Mundus Scholarships
Cornell University Tata Scholarship
University of New South Wales (UNSW Sydney) Future of Change India Scholarship
India Global Leaders Scholarship
Charpak Master’s Scholarship

Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment
United States-India Educational Foundation
United States-India Educational Foundation
United States-India Educational Foundation
Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation
GREAT Britain Campaign and the British Council
British Council
European Union
Tata Education and Development Trust
UNSW Sydney
University of Queensland
Campus France

All countries
USA, UK, Europe

Maintenance allowance (USD 15,400 Annually except UK. GBP 9,900 Annually in the UK) + tuition fees and more
Funding for tuition and fees, etc.
A monthly stipend, etc.
J-1 visa support, a monthly stipend, etc.
Tuition, living allowance, health allowance for the entire duration of the course and one-way airfare
Min. GBP 10,000
100% funding
100% funding
100% funding
USD 10,000 per annum
50% of the tuition fee
Tuition fee waiver of EUR 5000, living allowance, health allowance for the entire duration of the course and one-way airfare.


Scholarships in the United States

Studying in the United States is the dream of many Indian students. More often than not, this dream gets shattered due to financial constraints. Thankfully, there is now a range of scholarships available for Indian students in the U.S., and if you are vigilant enough, you can enjoy the benefits of receiving one or more for yourself.

Scholarship in the Canada

Students may qualify for scholarships from the Canadian government, universities, and a variety of other organisations. In Canada, there are a large number of Indian students, and most universities are able to offer grants and scholarships to students from these countries, including India.


Scholarship in the Germany

A year to ambitious undergraduates, graduates, and doctoral students of all subjects and nationalities. These students should be pursuing their degree at state or state-recognized universities in Germany. Scholarship receipts are expected to have outstanding academic records.

Scholarship in the United Kingdom

One of the most important criteria to apply for most scholarships is a good academic score.  Students must work on their overall profile development as well. Indian students who are looking to apply for UK scholarships must keep the factors like country, university, and course in mind. To apply for scholarships, meeting the eligibility requirements and submitting an application would suffice. 


Scholarship in the Irland

 Ireland offers a wealth of study choices at the undergraduate and graduate levels. The Irish Government, through the Higher Education Authority, is proud to offer an International Education Scholarship Program. This is open to non-EU/EEA students who have an outstanding offer from any eligible Irish institution. Academically, professionally, and personally ‘excellent’.

Scholarship in the Australia

Australia is one of the top countries international students choose as their study abroad destination. Nonetheless, Australia is never a cheap country to live in. You will get several scholarships and other financial support from universities, trusts, and organisations. These will help you cover your living expenses and tuition fees either wholly or partially. Reading this article will help you get an idea of the scholarships, eligibility, amount etc. So, do read further!

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Scholarship in the New-Zealand

With an exceptional quality of education and standard of living, New Zealand is one of the preferred destinations for international students. The country provides several scholarships, and you have a comprehensive list to choose from. Universities, colleges and trusts offer scholarships, and you can choose which suits you best. These scholarships cover your tuition fees, airfare, health insurance, and living expenses. To know more about them in detail, you can read further.